Deloitte and Memcyco: Taking Fraud Prevention to a new Level

Professional Services Giant Deloitte has Joined Forces With Memcyco in a bid to Crack Down on the Growing Problem of Digital Impersonation Fraud

Deloitte is an organisation well accustomed to collaborating with many of the world’s leading innovators. 

Now, the professional services giant has joined forces with Memcyco, a provider of real-time digital impersonation detection and prevention solutions, in a bid to crack down on the growing problem of impersonation fraud.

Deloitte and Memcyco’s pivotal partnership combines the former’s consulting expertise with the latter’s cutting-edge platform for detecting and preventing digital impersonation fraud in real time. 

Taking fraud prevention to a new level

As a result of an alliance that looks set to take fraud prevention to a new level, government organisations, enterprises and brands will be better positioned to protect themselves from damage, while stopping their reputations from being tarnished through attacks that use phishing sites to target customers.

Memcyco and Deloitte will leverage additional solutions related to integration and cooperation, such as Deloitte’s Strategic & Reputation Risk Services, thus offering a more comprehensive service to clients. 

“Memcyco is delighted to build a partnership with Deloitte due to its dedicated team, expertise and innovation capabilities,” comments Israel Mazin, CEO at Memcyco.

“Our shared commitment to empowering organisations to make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategy is at the heart of our collaboration. In the long term, this partnership will pave the way for organisations of all sizes to mitigate impersonation and brandjacking attacks, and to gain more trust from their customers.” 

Israel Mazin, CEO at Memcyco

Memcyco: A leader in digital impersonation detection

Memcyco provides a platform for real-time detection, protection and response to online impersonation attacks, whereby malicious actors use phishing, smishing and other techniques to direct customers to fake pages that look and feel like the real thing. 

Such attacks trick users into giving up their personal data, such as login credentials and credit card information, which is subsequently used for ATO (account takeover) and other online attacks – leading to data breaches, theft of funds and ransomware.

Unlike other solutions, Memcyco is singularly able to safeguard the “window of exposure”  between a fake website going live and the attacker attempting to use stolen data to access company web pages, using real-time alerts to warn users not to trust the spoofed site, as well as tracking attacker and victim activity. 

Acting during this window is crucial in enabling companies to protect themselves from data breaches, financial losses and reputational damage, while simultaneously protecting customers from identity theft and financial harm. 

Memcyco also provides firms with full insight into attacks, including a list of all victims, giving them improved visibility and helping risk engines to predict fraud more accurately.


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